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Acacia honey

Pale green to yellow color , is obtained from acacia flower nectar . It has a mild taste and is easy to machine, has a comforting operation of the nerves, has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract and is recommended for nutrition in children older than 6 months .

Lime honey

Light yellow to dark yellow color is obtained from the nectar of linden blossom . The best taste is achieved in combination with lime tea and so combined , promotes the treatment of colds, fever and cough .

Meadow honey

Yellow to light reddish color , is obtained from the nectar of different meadow plants, polyfloral between . A beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels , it is recommended to take with stomach problems and a low immune system .

Flower honey

Yellow to light reddish color , as well as meadow honey obtained from the nectar of different meadow plants, unlike clover honey , flower honey is collected on lower altitudes . In its structure breaks the ice between the flower nectars of different herbs and promotes healing inflammation.

Diet honey

Dietary product based on honey , sorbitol and fuktoze , does not contain artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives . It is intended for the nutrition of diabetics . The recommended daily dose is 12g or 3 teaspoons .

Honey with nuts

Walnuts in acacia honey . The people believed that consuming this product potency and encourages many cultures used it as an aphrodisiac .

Honey hotel packing

Acacia or meadow honey intended for hotels, restaurants, cafes , hospitals, the military, and to all the organizations that have different social aspects of nutrition .

Private label

Service- package for other manufacturers and veletrgovniske systems. Semi-finished or finished products with custom design and all the specific needs of the customer.

Among the confectionery industry

Natural honey .

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