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" Maja Promet " doo started to work 06.09.1991 . year and for many years the holder of numerous awards from the specialized research teams for quality evaluation, which is proof that " Maja Promet" has an enviable position in the market . Constant technological advances , which included investment in both manufacturing technology and its modernization , as well as the education and training of staff , has provided increased production capacity to 500 tons of honey per year, and therefore the continuity of supply , as well as regular deliveries.

Trends and our mission as incentives for the company to add your business everything is determined by the "quality plus" and one modern approach endeavor to create a recognizable brand . Mission " Maja Promet " has to package and market the highest quality natural product , enriched with experience , to 15 years of dedicated work and commitment of the entire team , turned into a tradition that will be recognizable to all future generations.

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