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Exactly the same quality and rich assortment of its products, modern approach to business , " on time" delivery , professional sales team and constant marketing activities " Maja promet" takes its place in the aisle of almost all large commercial systems such as " INTER - AMAN ", " METRO Cash & carry "," Mercator "," Orašac " , " Air Serbia Catering "," Univerexport "," Group Univerexport - Trgopromet "," Core Distribution "as well as many other systems on the market. Honey destined for confectionery industry supply concern " Bambi - Banat ", " Swisslion ", " Pionir ", " REXINA d.o.o ," " Unipak " ,. General representative for the territory of the Republic of Montenegro " AD Stadion" from Podgorica, a representative for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina was "Best d.o.o " from Travnik.

On the list of regular suppliers located in 2000 Beekeepers from the territory of the Republic of Serbia , with which it operates on the principle of a planned purchase , a supplier of raw materials such as " SIGOC " and " YU Label" , to our mutual satisfaction saradjue for many years . In order to successful business cooperation and preservation of mutual trust " Maja promet" constantly working to improve how business and friendly relations with all its customers and suppliers.

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